Athlete-only parking

I’ve heard calls for athlete-only parking around Dods and Steele. The rationale goes something like this: “We athletes have to do all this work. The least they could do for us is give us space to park so that we can be on time for practice.”

As you may have guessed, I’m not buying it.

Innovative companies like Patagonia, SpaceX, and Tesla incentivize their employees to not drive to work. Elon Musk goes so far as to pay his employees $15 per day to walk or bike.

When the science of climate change is so compelling, at a school that prides itself on environmental justice, we don’t need more incentives to drive money-draining, status-enhancing, gas-guzzling machines.

Simple solution: buy a bike. Simpler solution: live close to campus and walk. Free money, free exercise, free happiness.

When I need to drive my car to work I sometimes like to park in 9C. I like to stroll past the soccer fields, getting some fresh air and sunshine, before I walk inside for the day. Maybe I’ll put up a sign in 9C and reserve a parking space for myself.

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