Fredonia Athletics is hiring

Fredonia is hiring for a new women’s basketball coach. Here’s the job posting.

Longtime readers know that I’m evangelical about the need for public higher education, about its needing to be affordable, about the importance of a liberal arts education, and about what athletics can do for the young people who go to such a school.

But Fredonia is unique. Of the hundreds of employees who work in my division, (Enrollment and Student Services), over 90% of them are Fredonia graduates. This has its drawbacks, but it indicates that the people who come here don’t want to leave. We have a head coach who’s been here for thirty years, one who’s been here for twenty, several for fifteen, and most of the rest have been here over a decade.

Our last women’s basketball coach was only supposed to fill in for a year on an interim basis. She enjoyed it so much she stayed for five.

Fredonia’s Provost, whose career spans thirty years in higher education across the country, once told me that this is the most genuine campus she’s worked on.

I don’t need to write this post to advertise our job opening–we’ll have plenty of applicants regardless–but I wanted to express how lucky I am to work on this campus.

PS — some tweets from this year’s graduates that inspire me:

“Forever thankful I ended up in the crazy little town of Fredonia to meet the most amazing people and experience the best four years of my life.”

“Wow. Who knew that a small, tiny town like Fredonia would give me my best friends for life and the most unforgettable memories! These past four years have been the most incredible years of my life. I love you Fred, it’s been a hell of a ride. πŸ’™

“okay don’t go to college and make best friends that become family who you have to leave after 4 years bc I swear this is messing me up big time”

“Bye Fredonia, thank u for all the memories and lessons… no matter where in the world I might end up I’ll never forget this toxic little townπŸ’™

“Who would have ever thought, that this small college town called Fredonia in Western New York, would have a huge impact on my life?! I meet some great people and created friendships and memories for a lifetime! Thank you Fredonia! πŸŽ“

“Thank you to all of you that made the past 4 years the best years of my life. Much love to all of you cheers Fred”

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