Boys not texting you back

Face-to-face used to be the only option: “Hi, I think you’re attractive,” followed by a moment of anxiety, followed by a concrete answer.

Now, “Hi, I think you’re attractive,” has been replaced with a swipe. It’s been replaced with a click. A text. That moment of anxiety has been replaced by an anxiety that festers and lingers. It spreads throughout your chest, refusing to dissipate until you get a response. The thing is, that response may never come.

And so you’re overwhelmed with anxiety.

In the short run, the only solution I can see is to breathe through it. Notice the anxiety in your body and breathe. Notice that the thoughts running through your head aren’t true. “He’s not texting me back because I’m worthless,” is only a thought. This takes a lot of practice.

In the long run, the solution to this problem hasn’t been invented yet. To paraphrase Kevin Kelly, “Each technology we create has problems, but the answer isn’t to get rid of the technology. The answer is to make more technology.”

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