Sitting alone in Cranston

I frequently ate by myself as a college student. Though I enjoyed it at the time–bringing a book with me to read–I don’t recommend you do the same. If I had to do it over I’d make the effort to eat with other people.

Human connection, I now realize, is a better predictor of happiness than intelligence. Someone could have helped me understand that.

Someone could have come up to my table and asked to sit down with me. She could have talked to me, or had her own book to read. She could have asked me what I was reading. I could have made a new friend.

My favorite TED Talk of all time is pasted below. In only 3 minutes Derek Sivers gave me a metaphor for how to think about leadership. The last sentence of this blog post won’t make sense without the context of the video:

The fictional girl in my story is, in fact, the very definition of leadership.

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