“I need to get back to Fredonia!”

You just want to get back to Fredonia. You’re sick of your parents, your siblings, your job, and you’re absolutely sick of seeing people from high school out in public.

That’s understandable; I felt the same way at your age. Young people have a biological drive to gain independence from their parents, leaving behind the lives they knew as children. College is often the first step.

But also consider Tim Urban’s article, “The Tail End.” The short read is worth your time, but could be summed up with this picture (keep scrolling):


Each of those tiny objects represents a single day spent with your parents. The last five rows, the one’s not marked off with a red ‘X’, represent the days you have left with them. It turns out that by the time the average 18-year-old graduates from high school she’s already used up the vast majority of her days.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

[Note: I could also call this blog post “Living at home after college”}.

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