Are You The One?

“Are You The One” is a reality dating show on MTV. Given that MTV has done everything it can to destroy American culture over the last 40 years, I don’t watch it. I only recently learned that this show exists.

Apparently, a bunch of attention-hungry adolescents gather in a house to “find love.” Judging by this picture, I’m guessing there is a strict 8% body fat requirement:


The shows producers–who lack souls–use a matchmaking algorithm to determine “perfect matches.” Contestants spend all their time guessing who their perfect matches are to win prize money. Of course, after filming, the “perfect matches” are rarely still together.

Feel free to pause here to vomit into your hands.

My college roommate is a film editor in Los Angeles. He first worked in reality television, then transitioned to work for Netflix and HBO. He recently told me that the pay is much better in reality TV because the jobs easier to get–the most talented filmmakers don’t want to make these shows.

Reality TV is looked down upon in LA, for obvious reasons. It would seem that creators of reality TV shows need to pay a lot of money to find mediocre people to make mediocre shows for a mediocre audience.

Stop being mediocre. Stop watching.

[Black Mirror did a fascinating episode about dating algorithms.]

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