The training room, part two

On Sunday I wrote a blog post called “The training room.” It could just as easily have been titled “The Performance Center”:

“The other day I told a coach about an athletic trainer told me about  a group of athletes who were complaining about a situation on their team. No need to go into more detail, but they’d be embarrassed to find out that the coach knows what was said.

It turns out that the strength and conditioning coach athletic trainers aren’t isn’t your friend. If you wouldn’t want your coach to hear it, don’t say it in the Performance Center training room.”

Reading that, I wouldn’t want you to think you can’t trust me. I wouldn’t want you to think that I would tell your coach everything you say to me. I wouldn’t want you to think I don’t have your best interest at heart, and I wouldn’t want you walking on eggshells around me. I hope you’d realize I’d only tell your coach something that absolutely warranted it–something so egregious that it needed to be told to uphold the best interests of the team.

I wouldn’t want you to think that about our athletic trainers either, who might be the most trustworthy members of our staff. I’m afraid that was the perception of some, and I’m at fault for that. I’m sorry.

The point of “The training room” was to say, “Be careful what you say, because what you say is what you think, and what you think shapes your perception, and your perception shapes reality.”

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