Volleyball’s home playoff game

The women’s volleyball team will host a SUNYAC playoff game next Tuesday night at 6 p.m.

One way to generate attendance for the game is by asking people to, “Come out and support,” but time and again this strategy loses. There aren’t many students with the worldview, “I’m trying to find ways to support our athletes on campus.” It’s worth admitting that few students care about supporting you, or the result of your game.

Another losing strategy is to assume that people have nothing to do: “Looking for something to do tonight? Come to the volleyball game at 6 p.m.!” But few students have the worldview, “I’m looking for things to do.” Cell phones exist. Video games exist. Bars downtown exist. Students have plenty to do.

Here’s a better strategy: Meet 10 new people this week. Don’t tell them about your game; simply get to know them. Perhaps over time, befriend them.

Your friends tend to come to your games, regardless of whether of not you ask. Your 10 new friends certainly know 10 other people, and they’ll bring some of them. Over time, support ratchets upward.

No, this probably can’t happen in a week, but this is how it’s done.

People don’t become connected at sporting events; they become connected first, then attend together. It’s easy to tell how connected a university is based on how regularly the campus shows up for its teams.

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