Finding a wealthy man

If you were looking to marry rich, you wouldn’t look for men who:

  • Earn high incomes, necessarily.
  • Signal wealth by wearing expensive clothes, driving expensive cars, and living in huge houses.
  • Have expensive tastes; they enjoy extravagant vacations and sitting courtside at NBA games. They have NFL season tickets, a season skiing pass, subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Hulu, and eat out most nights of the week. They have the latest version of the iPhone, since their data is so valuable it needs fingerprint security. Every bartender in town knows their names, to boot.

You would look for men who:

  • Spend less than they earn; they know how to avoid debt, save, and invest money. That’s all you’re looking for.

The later men are infinitely simpler in habit, but ironically, rare in the human gene pool.

In fact, it’s so unlikely that you’ll find one of the later men that you’re better off learning the principles of debt, saving, and investing yourself.