Everything becomes pornography if we let it

Currently, three of the top-twenty nonfiction bestsellers in the U.S. have the F-word right in the title. I’m wondering if that’s a coincidence.

Instagram users everywhere are posting nearly-naked pictures of themselves in order to generate ‘likes.’ I’m wondering if that’s a coincidence.

Every hit coming out of Hollywood has a clear plot, protagonist, antagonist, climax, and resolution. I’m wondering if that’s a coincidence.

You probably clicked on my link simply because it had the word “pornography” in the title.

Pornography is by far the most viewed content on the internet, but the thing is, pornography is to sex what a ‘like’ is to a deep conversation what a self-help book is to literature what a hit movie is to art that lasts.

Pick your moralistic intuition about pornography, but it’s certain that pandering to the lowest common denominator distorts reality and strips us of our humanity.

We can do better than this.

[I’m just finishing Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff. Phenomenal read.

H/t to the French sociologist Emile Durkheim, who originally proposed the above idea as a universal sacred-profane dichotomy.]