10 ways to be better at your summer job

1) Smile more often than you need to.

2) Show up on time, every time.

3) Practice packing your lunch. You make a boatload of money over the course of a lifetime by packing lunch.

4) Wash the floors with enthusiasm. You can’t be good at your future career if you’re not first good at washing floors.

5) This isn’t a summer job. This is your job. Do it well.

6) Think hard about what you’re going to do with the money you earn. You can spend it on things (i.e. shoes), experiences (i.e. travel), or you can use it to earn more money (i.e. paying off student loans, index fund investing). Some of these purchases will make you happy, others won’t.

7) Working more is not necessarily better than working less. Americans like to brag about how much they work, despite being ranked no. 18 in the world in Gallup’s World Happiness Report.

8) Check out Adam Grant’s podcast “WorkLife” if this stuff is interesting to you.

9) Develop skills, either on the job or in your spare time. People who earn unusually high incomes have unusually impressive skill sets. Scott Adams calls this “talent stacking.”

10) Understand that summer jobs and internships–and even your first jobs after college–aren’t as much about making money as they are about learning and making connections.