Instant access to men

The potential for desperation rises as day turns into night.

In the morning, after a full night’s sleep, we’re calm, collected, thinking rationally. At night our brain is spent from a day’s worth of decision-making. I don’t need to convince you that most of our poor decisions happen at night.

At night we’re more likely to feel desperate, and the brain chemicals associated with desperation are the same ones associated with falling in love. That just is what it is, a biological necessity to propagate the species, perhaps. But somewhere, deep in our guts, we know whether acting on our desperation is wise or not. It’s all too easy to pull out our phones and make a poor choice.

This is bold statement, but here goes: I don’t think there’s anything significant about the feelings of falling in love–it’s straightforward from an evolutionary perspective–but our accompanying thoughts about our feelings is what makes the feelings significant, or not.

If we convince ourselves that our feelings are more significant than they are we become more likely to choose unwisely.