Picking up a second major

Don’t bother picking up a second major if you’re only doing it for status: “Look how hard I’m working. This will look great on my resume. A second major will finally let me feel good about myself.” That’s a waste of time.

You should only pick up a second major if there’s convincing evidence that it will make you more money in the future. A second major is an investment when it teaches you “multiplying skills”, skills that make you better at your primary career. Some examples that Fredonia offers:

  • Public speaking (Communications major)
  • Writing (English major)
  • Design (Graphic Design major)
  • Conversation (Communications major)
  • 2nd language (French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, Chinese majors/minors)
  • Persuasion (Communications major)
  • Programming (Computer Science major)

Example 1: Applied math majors commonly pick up computer science because it makes them more valuable in the job market.

Example 2: A business marketing major who also knows graphic design is more likely to get hired than someone who only knows marketing or graphic design.

Example 3: An executive who can write well is a more clear communicator, and if there’s anything employees complain about in the workplace it’s poor communication.

There’s an endless list of examples you can make, and you don’t need to be in college to begin.