Living on-campus vs. off-campus

If it’s the same price, on-campus. More convenience for the same price is an easy decision.

If off-campus is significantly less expensive than on-campus–and assuming the living conditions aren’t atrocious–then off-campus (or vice versa, though that’s unlikely in Fredonia). Money equals freedom, and convenience is worth sacrificing for a significant gain in freedom.

If one is slightly less expensive than the other, then it’s a toss-up. Do what you want.

But all this talk of “having the experience of living off-campus” is nonsense. You’ve spent 18 years living off-campus; you’ll spend the next 70 living off-campus; and you don’t suddenly become an adult because you live in an apartment. You’re just as likely to be a child living on Canadaway as you are in Grissom.

And yes, you are allowed to make your own decision.