Classes cancelled due to snow

If you haven’t figured out by now that it might snow in December, and if you haven’t planned ahead, you need to wake up.

If you haven’t figured out that ice is slippery, then maybe you need to fall down a few times to realize it.

If you haven’t cultivated the ability to spend five minutes outside in cold weather, then you either need to get a warmer jacket or thicker skin. Probably the later.

If it’s occurred to you to complain about any of the above: that it’s hard for you to drive in snow, walk on ice, or walk from your car into a building, then might I suggest you do a little research into the Nigerian schoolgirls who wade through rivers to get to school, or the Inuit who ride snowmobiles to school in -50 degree weather.

We can insist on being taken care of, or we can just take care of our business.