Is that sexist?

Evidence of difference is not evidence of sexism. Equality of opportunity is not equality of outcome.

Of the 27 people on Jeff Bezos’s senior leadership team, 26 are male. Is that sexist?

Sweden experiences a high level of “occupational segregation,” that is, women are more likely to have careers in healthcare, education, and retail, whereas men are more likely to have careers in engineering, construction, and truck driving. Is that sexist?

Of the hundreds of times I’ve walked into my local Aldi I’ve never seen a man working. Is that sexist?

Male professional athletes get paid exponentially more than female professional athletes. Is that sexist?

I have my opinions on these questions, but opinions are not facts. I have feelings about them too, but feelings are not facts: feeling like something is sexist does not make it sexist. The United States has a deeply sexist history, but history, by definition, is not current. Sexism undoubtedly still happens–and to be clear, we should make every effort to squash it–but it’s hard to know if and when it’s happening.

So before you tarnish someone’s reputation you ought to be sure you’re doing it based in fact, not feeling.