Building snowmen

In the Bhagavad Gita, the god Krishna tells the warrior-prince Arjuna:

Give the act to me.

Purged of hope and ego,

Fix your attention on the soul.

Act and do for me.

To act without hope is an act of love. To act in spite of fear is an act of love. To wait in stillness is an act of love. Acts of love are acts one does for oneself, even if oneself is the last person on earth. A depraved culture is one in which most people act in expectation of others.

I was a fantasy nerd growing up, and the elves were always my favorites. They lived in a perfected society, and all that was left for them was to make art: their small acts of love.

The other day I saw a tweet indicating students had chosen to build snowmen instead of doing homework. I think they were right.