Reflections In Quarantine: Hallie Christopher

This is the first of a series of reflections on coping with quarantine. Hallie Christopher is a 2018 graduate of SUNY Fredonia. She resides in Los Angeles where she does A&R and manages artists in the music industry. Here, she explains what she’s doing to stay healthy through this period. ~Ryan

During this quarantine I have had lots of time to focus on myself. For me, working out has always been a top priority for not only my physical health but also my mental health. Currently, I am spending time at home with my family and am blessed with a home gym in our basement. It’s obviously not a full gym like I am used to but it definitely helps to get the job done. Even without a gym, I think staying in a constant routine of exercising (going on runs/walks, doing bodyweight movements, yoga, etc) is still super beneficial in keeping your mind right during the lockdown. 

Also, I have locked down on my nutrition and food intake during this time. I have had time to focus on eating foods that benefit my immune system (more veggies & fruits) and keep myself from binging by keeping track of my calories. This allows me to have a few “bad” foods every few days but won’t result in a weight gain during these months. 

To stay busy I have been working on a side hustle of mine, studying to get my personal training certification. I have been going over the material for months but I am using a lot of this free time to prepare fully so when this lockdown is over I will be 100% ready to take the exam. Since my music career deals with a lot of remote work, I am still also able to be researching new producers/writers for my company & also manage my songwriter from home by sending him beats to record on and corresponding with others through email. My sister and I recently just started working for Instacart (an app where you shop and deliver groceries to people who are not able to leave their houses at this time) which is a fun way to make a little extra money. 

I also have been using this time to have fun doing activities like cooking with my family, watching movies and Netflix and I even gave in and made a TikTok (VERY time consuming). I think the most important part of this quarantine is to stay balanced. Take time out of each day to work or study, learn something new, take good care of yourself and also have fun!