“That’s what makes Ryan so special… his sense of community and service.  He is always trying to better himself so he can better others.  He has a real sense that he is part of something bigger than himself.  Ryan also finds the positive in everyone and everything. 

I can’t think of better qualities for a coach and mentor.   

I am proud to know Ryan and I am grateful for everything he has done for our volleyball program.  We speak to our athletes about leaving the program better than when you found it.  Ryan has done that every year he has been involved… and then some.Geoff Braun, Head Coach, Fredonia Women’s Volleyball


“We are in good hands with Ryan, as his dedication and willingness to personally get better are infectious to the athletes he trains.” ~ Mike Freeman, captain, Fredonia Men’s Hockey, 2018-2019


“Ryan brings a tremendous level of professionalism to our hockey program. His attention to detail and his commitment is something that will allow our athletes a great opportunity to develop and take their game to a new level in the ultra-competitive SUNYAC. We are fortunate to have him in charge of our strength program.” ~ Jeff Meredith, Head Coach, Fredonia Men’s Hockey


“I’ve never met someone as dedicated as Ryan.  For my first two seasons on the Fredonia Volleyball team, Ryan was at every single practice.  Whether he was helping run a drill at practice, or taking stats at a game, he was always working hard to make our team better.  This year was a little different.  Ryan couldn’t make it to every practice, and didn’t travel with our team, but he was always at our home games, and would poke his head into practice every chance he got.  I am lucky enough to have had Ryan as an assistant coach for two seasons, and a strength and conditioning coach still today.  Thank you for everything you have done for the Fredonia Volleyball program, Ryan.” ~ Kristen Stanek, Fredonia Volleyball Class of 2018


“To have someone not only as knowledgeable but as passionate as Ryan Maloney about our athletes and their well being is immeasurable to us coaches. I think we will see an improvement from a physical and mental standpoint very soon and it should translate to even more success for our programs.” ~ P.J. Gondek, Head Coach, Men’s Soccer


“Ryan was always such an inspiration; he is so knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and nutrition.  Looking back at it he really sparked my interest in exercise. Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life as an athlete.  Training hard helped me be successful on and off the court.” ~ Sarah Zureck, Fredonia Volleyball Class of 2012