Women’s Soccer Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Video – Where do you find the motivation to train?

Lesson 1 Training

Warm-up (5 minutes):

  • Forward lunge — 10 yards
  • Backward lunge — 10 yards
  • Jog — 4 minutes

Strength circuit (5 minutes):

Endurance (5 minutes):

  • Run @ 70% speed — 5 minutes

Video Review

  • You don’t find motivation. Motivation will sometimes appear, and sometimes it won’t. Do the work regardless, every day.
  • The best definition of culture I know is, “People like us do things like this.” People like us are on the women’s soccer team; things like this are that we train in the off-season. The culture we’re creating is, “Fredonia women’s soccer players train in the off-season.”
  • We will start small, with 15-minute sessions for the first three days. Sessions with gradually lengthen as we adapt to the daily routine. Day by day, rep by rep, we will build new habits.